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I have been promising myself that I would spend more time doing what I value, so here is me putting my money where my mouth is, so to speak.


Today felt great. It was just the right length & just the right challenge, but I suspect I will be gasping for Vitamin I (ibuprofen) by the time I wake up tomorrow.  My back feels much better & more open, as do my shoulders.  I had an altercation with another person this morning that I was having a hard time letting go of mentally, & the yoga helped somewhat.

I am also starting a meditation challenge along with my yoga – 10 minutes of simple meditation every day. Let me say that today was eye opening. My brain will simply just not Shut The Hell Up. Thoughts bouncing around like a demented flea on a mangy dog. It was ugly…but also eye opening. In our culture of busy multitasking, we seem to value The Monkey Mind. Today was a wakeup call that Monkey Mind is responsible (in me anyway) for a lot of stress related physical symptoms. I noticed that the aforementioned altercation I had been stewing about actually had a physical feeling within my body attached to it – in this case it was a tension behind my eyes and a dense box-like shape in my torso. Huh. Interesting. Once I noticed that feeling, it calmed down significantly without me actually doing much apart from noticing it. Once it was noticed, a feeling of gooey, melty bliss followed. Ha! Who knows, perhaps it was just the exercise induced endorphins kicking in. Stay tuned for tomorrow’s report.


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